House structure changes

Structural modifications can be made to create the illusion of a large and airy space. Before starting the actual design, ask a specialist to find out if any such changes are possible, then find out what type of design is more suitable for you. For instance, by fully or partially removing a wall, you will enjoy extend the space and have more options for design. The wall in question may be the one separating the kitchen from the living room/dining room, or separating it from the hall.

You can also remove the wall separating the living room/dining room from the balcony or the one separating the two halls. In some cases, it is possible to destroy the storage closet or the pantry to expand a room, regularly the bedroom or the kitchen.
If you are in full renovation process, do not forget the option of removing certain doors, such as the one separating the living room or the kitchen from the hall, since it allows natural light flowing from one room to the other.